What is Sibiljazzpiano?

What is Sibiljazzpiano?

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Welcome to my jazz piano blog. The idea to have a blog about jazz piano had been stuck in my head for a while so I finally decided to do the right thing and start one. I have been listening to classical, jazz, soul, funk, RnB and hip-hop since I was a child and since I think sharing is caring I thought it would be nice to share my views, ideas and thoughts on music and specifically jazz piano.

I have been playing piano since I was a teen and am mainly self-taught. However I did go and study jazz piano for 3 years. That said I am an intermediate player at best. However I do love jazz and want to share my experiences and thoughts so you can perhaps get a glimpse of what goes behind the wonderful world of jazz. My preferences of jazz is post 60s’ swing, cool and perhaps even smooth and acid jazz.

In this blog I will try to write about different topics regarding jazz and specifically piano jazz. It can be recommendations on jazz artists and recordings, my personal progress with jazz piano and music, my goals and even some lesson ideas I have developed.

So time to join me on the ride to the musical world of jazz piano!


Let me jazz you…

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Sibil Y.


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