Abstract and applicable practice

What is abstract or applicable practice? I want to talk about two types of practice concepts that I have been thinking about – "Abstract" and "Applicable" practice. I don't want to emphasize those exact words strongly, it is just the terminology I decided to use. So take everything with a grain of salt. By abstract... Continue Reading →

YouTube Jazz Piano Education – Recommendations for 2018 (Sibiljazzpiano)

Sibiljazzpiano's recommendations for jazz piano education related YouTube content for 2018 Are you a student of jazz piano and want to expand your palette of content of jazz piano education? Or are you just an admirer of (piano) jazz and are curious where you can find all that nitty and gritty information out there on... Continue Reading →

Musicalization Chapter 2 – F. Liszt, K. Barron, MF DOOM

  Welcome to Musicalization! -Musicalization is a project within the Sibilization-blog. It has several parts (chapters). There are three main music genres in this project – Classical (mainly from the romantic era), (piano) Jazz and (underground) Hip-Hop. In every chapter I shortly present one artist (per genre) in greater detail. Each chapter also contains links... Continue Reading →

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